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Using the YellowCube app you connect your Shopify shop to the all-in logistics solution of the Swiss postal service. All orders of your online shop will be transferred automatically to YellowCube and will be shipped with tracking reference.

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The YellowCube Shopify App

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The YellowCube-Shopify App

Article synchronization Products will be synchronized automatically between Shopify and the YellowCube app.
Masterdata transfer Products will transfer directly as "Masterdata" to YellowCube.
Order transfer Orders in Shopify are automatically transferred to YellowCube.
Status display YellowCube status messages will be shown at any time.
Error handling The app checks addresses and e-mail entries for each order according to the specifications of YellowCube and takes over the error handling.
shipment reference Tracking numbers will be shown on the overview sheet and a link to the postal realtime tracking will be provided.
Multilingual The Yellowcube-Shopify App is bilingual in English and German.
Delivery forecast Delivery messages for your YellowCube depot will be shown.
Delivery confirmation to customers Tracking numbers and links will be sent to the customer automatically.
inventory updates Real-Time inventory will be automatically synchronized with your shopify shop.
Shipping options Different ways of shipping may be used (like «PostPac» Economy or «A-Post».
Subscription: Standard During the configuration of the app 3 the subscription is free


An e-commerce platform made for you!
Whether you sell online, on social media, in store, or out of the trunk of your car, Shopify has you covered.

Done by experts

The YellowCube App has been developed by OneByte in cooperation with the Swiss Postal Service. OneByte is an official Shopify Expert and the leading agency regarding Shopify in Switzerland.

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